E-Cigarette Educational Website

by Aaron Glassman

The products discussed on this site are truly some of the  most innovative devices of our lifetimes. TIME magazine has called them “The Future of Smoking”, an opinion we share whole-heartedly.  Our mission is to help change the way people smoke, one drag at a time. We love these products – all of us that contribute to the site here are avid users – and we’re excited to share everything we know and continue the growth of these great products.

vapor cigarette users

Add yourself to the mix of people who are switching to vapor.

Many people ask about the e-cigarette, and wonder how it works, which brand is best, where to get the best price, what to look out for, and much more.  We’re here to help you with all of those questions. 

This site was originally a stop smoking website for the University of Virginia Commonwealth.  Now, we’re embracing the same ‘smoke free’ message and have accepted these products in our daily lives. We never leave home without them! They’re a clean, convenient way to get your nicotine delivery without the mess.

If you haven’t tried these vapor-producing devices, you’ve come to the right place.  We designed this site with the objective to educate consumers about how these products work and how they can be a positive impact on society.

Check out our reviews, linked in the navigation bar at the top of this website. We’re always trying out more brands and adding to the site constantly. The last updates were our V2 Cigs review, a brand we confidently call the best on the market. For more of our favorites, check out VaporFi if you like the tank style with refillable e-liquid, or Bull Smoke for the best value in the industry. These are some of the best choices on the market and we endorse them whole-heartedly.

Imagine what a smoke-free society would be like?

Follow this link to read about the top rated electric cigarette brands for 2014, with rankings of all the different products we’ve tried, links to all our reviews, our rating of each brand, as well as coupons for some steep discounts. As you’ll find, it is a much cheaper alternative to traditional smoking, and an even better deal with the discount codes provided.

Below, you can further your education by checking out a brand we’ve come to love and use every day:  V2. Their products are of the highest quality - whether it be their selection of kits, batteries, cartridges and accessories – their prices are competitive (and they often have promotions bringing their prices even lower), and the customer service and shipping times is some of the best we’ve experienced.

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